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#1 12 years ago

The sequel to mp_lumberyard is here! This is mp_lumberyard2, the day version and mp_lumberyard2n, the night version. Lumberyard2 is far more playable than the original mp_lumberyard and supports up to 64 players! Check out the Flash previews: mp_lumberyard2 (day) mp_lumberyard2n (night) Screen Shots (Day): shot50.jpg shot51.jpg shot52.jpg shot53.jpg shot54.jpg shot5.jpg Screen Shots (Night): shot60.jpg shot61.jpg shot62.jpg shot63.jpg shot64.jpg shot65.jpg ====================================================================== Map Title: mp_lumberyard2 (Day) & mp_lumberyard2n (Night) Map Version: Final Author: Desert Eagle Author website: ravens-nest.net Feedback website:] ravens-nest.net Tested MODs: Modwarfare, Ravens Realism, Custom Ranked, Tactical Realism Tested Servers: Windows ====================================================================== Supported Multiplayer Gametypes: "dm" - Free for all deathmatch "dom" - Domination "koth" - Headquarters "sab" - Sabotage "sd" - Search & destroy "war" - Team deathmatch Hardcore supported Old School not supported ====================================================================== Map Size: Will support up to 64 players. ====================================================================== Installation: Unzip and place mp_lumberyard2 or mp_lumberyard2n folder into your Call of Duty 4/usermaps folder. ====================================================================== Download: DesertEagle68 Profile, DesertEagle68 Details - FileFront.com ====================================================================== Construction Time: Too long. Credit to Others: ravens-nest.net Specail Thanks to: Red Swarm & Drecks for taking the time to add additional comments on map(s). ====================================================================== Change Log: Alpha Version (08-18-2008): - Expanded Playable Area. - Added Custom SD Hard Points. - Added Custom Gametype. - Added Custom Sounds. Beta Version (09-01-2008): - Removed Custom Helicopter Script. - Added Custom HQ Hard Points. - Removed Custom Gametype. - Fixed out of memory error for windows based servers. Final Version (09-08-2008): - Added and removed some map geometry and textures. - Added and removed some fx effects. - Replaced Custom HQ Hard Points with standard HQ Hard Points


I didn't make it!

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#2 12 years ago

great lighting. and is that a new skybox? excellent. the night map is meh to the nth degree. horrible.


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25th October 2008

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#3 12 years ago

looks really cool man!