cod 4 demo doesnt work continued ? -1 reply

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#21 13 years ago

Four years ago when I was still on dial-up GetRight did the job for me. Not sure if it's changed much since then. Alternatively, browsers like Opera have a download manager built into them.


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9th June 2007

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#22 13 years ago

Thanks its now working using download manager. How comes it works using that and not dling it normally


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10th February 2004

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#23 13 years ago

Perhaps because you are getting a constant flow of data about the file. Whereas your download might have gotten interrupted when not using a manager [I also use downloaders for large files I wish to acquire], and that can damage or corrupt the files inside of the archive or .exe. A manager program [generally] will let you resume the download if it gets stopped or accidentally interrupted. That's the great thing about the better download manager programs, the flexibility of when you can download.