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#1 7 years ago


I have a dedicated server, firewall, cPGS and cPanel working fine.

However I can't seem to get my mods working...

AIM; To get "GunGame" and "Promodlive211" operational on my gameservers (separate IP addresses).

Current State; 2 Gameservers installed and working fine through our Firewall. I have the latest files/versions from the above websites.

I have tested this command line (which I believe to be the main issue);


./cod4_lnxded-bin +set dedicated 2 +ttycon 0 +set net_IP +set net_port 28960 +set fs_game Mods/gungame +exec server.cfg +set sv_maxclients 50 +map_rotate


./cod4_lnxded-bin +set dedicated 2 +ttycon 0 +set net_IP +set net_port 28930 +set fs_game Mods/promodlive211 +exec server.cfg +rcon_password raiders101 +set sv_maxclients 24 +set sv_punkbuster 1

any idea's I am more than happy to post the config's..