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#1 12 years ago

I recently bought a 22" hd monitor and i am having trouble figuring out where my settings should be graphic wise just wondering if anyone had like a list or sumthing for me.... or and well my computer doesnt really have the greatest graphics card or ram so...yeh....

any help would be great thanks


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#2 12 years ago

First off, what graphics chip are you using. WHat processor, & how much memory (all your system stats) do you have. The native resolution for a 22 in monitor is 1680x1050 pixels. Before buying such a large monitor, you should make sure your graphics card can handle it. I suggest running it at 1680 if you can, but put all the settings on low. If not, turn scaling off, & run it at 1024x768.


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#3 12 years ago

you should have upgraded the pc first, you'll benefit nothing if the pc isn't capable of handling the high resolution at good fps. i dont know the model (or anything about the pc as a matter of fact) but a 22" display's native resolution usually is 1680x1050 (check manual), that is the resolution you'll want to run things at

*darn, i wasnt fast enough