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#1 7 years ago

Hey! I have a question: how do you use your mods in-game? I am using Call of Duty 4 via Steam and downloading the mods via Mozilla Firefox on a Windows 7 computer. When the file is fully installed, it can be found in "Downloads". Is there anything else I need to do, or will the mod be in-game and ready to use?? (I have downloaded the Before The Dawn: Zombie total convrsion mod, the new sniper scope reticule, and M4 Magpul desert skin for CoD4)

Also, another question: when you open the "Mods" menu in-game, a mod that came with the game, called "ModWarfare" is in the menu. What is this? So far the only difference I see is that the menu background tales on a dark blue tint, and the letters "ern" in "Modern Warfare" are crossed out in red.

I am totally new to everything about mods, and I would greatly appreciate it if someone could help me out. Thanks!

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#2 7 years ago

well first off, the mods you downloaded, are they single player mods, if not, that would mean they are Multiplayer mods. If they are multiplayer mods, in most cases, the mod would have to be hosted server side for it to also work. I just did a check and yes you can use the Zombie mod in SP mode, kinda. You have to start a server, then switch it to not dedicated, choose your map, and away you go (hopefully). When installing any Mods or Modified files, you have to follow the directions of the mod. There is a "mods " folder where most of the mods would be installed. As to the Modern Warfare mod folder, this is a full MOD for dedicated servers. You can run a server any way you want. Modifying HUNDREDS of game commands within this folder. You can give a chopper one hit point or thousands. You can give it near aim bot abilities (not that it doesn't already have this) or probably make it fire puppies. Your choice there.


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#3 7 years ago

Mkay, thanks. As for skins, does everyone in the game have to have it for me to use it (for example, the M4 has a few skin packs with additional camos)? Also, where can I find the mods? None of them are in the "Mods" section in-game. Do they need to go in a certain folder?