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21st September 2006

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#1 13 years ago

please don't laugh...but...i have a 24 slot public server and recently ordered a 16 slot private server for matches, clan play. i would like to have more control too - like turning off death icons, etc. which means i must make it unranked. here is the noob question: what is the difference or effect between ranked/unranked, etc? i have tried to find that answer but to no avail. everyone seems to have their own opinion. will gained rank on an unranked server not carry over to a ranked one? (i think that answer is no) will gained rank on a ranked server carry over to unranked? (i think that answer is yes) if you start as a private on unranked, and become capt on a ranked server, you will be a capt when returning to the unranked server. if you then are promoted to major on the unranked, you will still be a capt when you revisit that same ranked server you became a capt on? (i THINK that's the major difference). dunno? cheats are starting to enter our server so that is the main reason for a private server. thanks for help and looking forward to some NEW MAPS SOON! thanks again! :D