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21st September 2006

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#1 11 years ago

does anyone know how to make TDM have an instant respawn versus having to wait an annoying 10 secs? DM is instant, but I havent tried DOM so I don't know about that. here are my gametype config settings which clearly show no respawn delay: set scr_war_scorelimit 2000 set scr_war_timelimit 15 set scr_war_roundlimit 1 set scr_war_numlives 0 set scr_war_playerrespawndelay 0 set scr_war_waverespawndelay 0 set scr_dom_scorelimit 2500 set scr_dom_timelimit 15 set scr_dom_roundlimit 1 set scr_dom_numlives 0 set scr_dom_playerrespawndelay 0 set scr_dom_waverespawndelay 0 set scr_dm_scorelimit 1000 set scr_dm_timelimit 15 set scr_dm_roundlimit 1 set scr_dm_numlives 0 set scr_dm_playerrespawndelay 0 please, no flaming. just asking a question. thanks for any help. :)