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Guten Tag! I am Unterfeldwebel Volksmann from the 132. Infanterie Division. We are a Call of Duty World at War tactical realism unit that portrays the average German Heer (Army) Infantry Zug (Platoon). Our goal is to honor the courageous vets of the Wehrmacht who are often overlooked in the history of the Second World War. We are a strictly apolitical group. We in no way support the policies of the Third Reich, Nazism, Neo-Nazism, or any discriminatory group. We just like to play these games from the German perspective and have fun doing it. A majority of our membership consists of current and prior military, however, there is no military service requirement to join our unit. Unlike most realism units, we don’t try to play military online, because most of us do it on a daily basis, and because we just want to have fun. While we do expect you to be obedient and respectful, you’re more likely to hear us joking around than someone saying, “sir, yes sir!” Things that we offer you: We offer, through our structure, scaled down to the game, the opportunity to advance and promote, often times not found in realism units that try to simulate actual military sizes (often without success due to the fact that their companies have 20 people instead of 160) and receive awards for playing with us. We also offer a fun and mature environment in which you can play. Our philosophy is that if someone is old enough to play a game in which you can kill someone, they are mature enough to hear the word f***. So if you would like to join a unit with mature people, a mature attitude and that just likes to have fun, we’re the unit for you. Afraid you don't have enough time to commit to a unit? That is not a problem here, with most of our members being very active in their real lives, we adopt the common sense policy of "Real Life Comes First." Unlike most units, we won't get upset if you don't show up to practice or meetings or anything, because we'll just assume that you had something more important to be doing. If they interested you, and you would like to join please visit us on the web at http://132inf.clanservers.com and go to our forums! If you have any further questions feel from to add either myself or Unteroffizier Zap on X-Fire. Ufw. Volksmann – cdtwalker Uffz. Zap – minimanzap Thanks, and have a good day!