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#1 8 years ago

logo-2.gifact.gifACT (Armed Combat Troops) is a multi gaming clan. Our members are from everywhere of the Eu. We expect a certain skill of everybody who wears the ACT tag in-game. In ACT we have a very familial atmosphere


Because we are not like ordinary clans – we are special! ACT has the full equipment a clan needs: servers, TS-server, homepage, etc. Although we have a lot of fun we still do our best in clan matches or practices. We want that our members have the maximum of fun in here => we arrange lot of things for them.


Well we started with the old game MoHPA where we still run a server! After some time we had to think about a new main game: CoD5. We also tried some other games MoHAA, BC2, MW2 and CoD4 which could not take hold. Now we want to start with BO. We already have ordered 2 servers and have a fight squad.

future.gifACT will become a respectable and well seen clan in games and we want climb the top in different ladders. We also want to keep up a good communication to other clans.

Of course we want to grow our community for CoD5 and BO. Also people who play MoHPA can join.

Our BO video:


We want a member who fits into our clan ! People have to be involved in the community that can only work when you are active! Dedication We want active people in the clan. This means you have to join on TS2, be on practices and matches and read our forum. And of course be on our public servers.

Mentality We do not want racists in our clan! You should not take every joke personally so be happy and open for jokes.

Skill You do not have to be the uber-pro in the game. Its okay when we have to show you some tricks or spots. But keep in mind that we are not a school.

The rest You have to be 16+ when you apply. xFire and TS2 are required so you can communicate with us.

When you want to join us now. Pls visite our homepage: creat an account (the admin will activate you) then fill out the form on our foum and post it.

Gl with application:

ACT clan!

P.S.: When you have any questions just go ahead and ask. You can write me a PM or reply here.


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#2 8 years ago

We are still looking for some new members ; ) when you are intrested in nice mebers, regulary practices and wars, just write me an email, add me on xfire: flashbang94 or leave a post on our homepage: - =ACT= Armed Combat Troops

AND we are also going for CoD7 ! so when you are intrested in just visit our homepage and apply :D ACT -goes BO!



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