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14th April 2007

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#1 10 years ago

Hi there, im †-HoG-† HenK, and i am one of the 2 founders of †-HoG-†. We play with tactics, but we still need to figure those out for cod5 (we only have tactics for outskirts). Its a really small clan, just 3 persons, so that makes us pretty close, but the problem is, one guy (RavN) did not buy call of duty 5 because he had some financial difficulties (if u know what i mean). So now we ask innovative persons who can think of alternative tactics fast, so when we have a standard tactic, but you are stuck, you can think of another way fast.

Requirments: A microphone, we communicate really much Skype. good sense of humor patience, we dont want people who dont want to wait untill we give orders. standard perks are: dead silence and uav jammer, bomb squad recommended but if you want to use any other perk you are free to do so, its handy to have 1 person in a team which has bomb squad anyway. and ouf course xfire

We work in seperate teams, its now just 1, with cod4 it where 2 teams of 2, (one guy left the clan). Me and the other founder (Brasje) are a sniper team (spotter/sniper), and the other 2 where assault/recon.

So, if u have all the requirments, you should drop by by our xfire clan profile †-Hands Of God-† (h0g) or add on of our xfires: devill013 / brasje01

Oh and one last thing, if you can make a server or a website for us, well be double happy xD. cya around, soldier!