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The [AAE™] Assassin Angel Elite™ The AAE™ - Overview of our Clan. Our clan has originally created from a group of 360 users. This majestic Clan grew into a Multi consoled clan, known now as a professional clan, which is in the Top 30 clan lists. Our Clan is a distinguished Shooter Clan, Our Games Starts from Call of Duty 4, All the way to Left for Dead 2. Our Clan is currently competing in the Gamebattles ladder, Soon to Be competing in Different ladders where rewards are given (e.g. Money, prizes). Games We are Currently Playing We mostly play shooters; the ps3 side are also doing sports so these are the games we are playing: • Call of Duty 4 & 5 • Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 • Gears of War 1 & 2 (360) • Left for Dead 1 & 2 (360) • Halo 3 (360) • Tom Clancy: End War (PS3) • Tom Clancy: Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 (PS3) • NBA 10 (PS3) • FIFA 09 & 10 (PS3) • Fight Night Round 4 (PS3) • Smackdown Vs Raw 09 & 10 (PS3) • Grand Turismo-Prologue (PS3) • Full Auto 2: Battlelines (PS3) • Need For speed Undercover (PSP) • Grand theft Auto-Liberty City Stories™ (PSP) AAE™ Benefits - Free GFX, because our team is sponsored by UNREAL GFX. - Free tactical sessions and practises. - To be part of an elite team. - Help given to all our members. - No Trial needed only a 1 week of getting used to the team. - Take part in ladders and be rewarded. - Take part in our clan wars (our team is against each other in matches). - Rank up quickly with us. - We are not those boring clan, so you would enjoy our matches What we require from you: 1) Stay active on forum and GB 2) Respect fellow members 3) Fill out Introduction 4) Don't hide anything from use feel free and talk 5) Attend our daily practises 6) Make our clan proud, play in GB and non GB matches

Please for ps3 users join on our new site.

360 & overall users site.

Thank you we would like to hear from you soon.:)