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#1 11 years ago

Hello All PC COD5 Players, If you are looking for a down to earth and fun clan, We are it! NFO-CLAN Formed almost 3 years ago, Playing games like Team Fortress Classic, Team fortress2,Counter Strike Source, Day Of Defeat Source. As of the release of Call Of Duty {World At War} we have Added this game into our clan. Dropping most games we played in the past. As of NOW Our clan Hosts 5 Servers, Two TFC servers, Two COD5 Servers and One COD4 Server. 3 out of 5 of our servers are Private For NFO Members ONLY!

Our Clan has all the tools needed to run a good clan. 1. 5 gaming servers Owned and run by NFO-CLAN 2. NFO Main Website NFO-CLAN NFO-CLAN 3. 3 Player stat sites TFC,COD4 and COD5 4. Fast Downloads {maps.sounds,files} 5. Ventrilo Voice server for NFO members ONLY!

As of now NFO-CLAN Has 40 Clan members on our roster. Only 10 for our COD5 Section. We are looking to get more members under our COD5 section.

Our members ages range from 16 to 67. Located from all over USA and Canada. Feel free to Visit our website at NFO-CLAN NFO-CLAN for more info or to stop in and say hello.

If your new to COD5, That's Great Come Learn and grow with NFO. Come play in our Public COD5 Server anytime.

We Invite all who play COD5, to join us on a cheat FREE server, I Promise YOU WILL HAVE FUN!


See you In game