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#1 10 years ago

I'm playing on Xbox360 (the only GOOD console) and looking for a clan. I'm on live everyday. (usually) I'm looking for a clan to play with and xp boost with. I'm 14, a very mature 14 (No my voice isnt squeaky, which i know is very annoying), and am really good at the game. I have a 1.5:1 ratio usually but I'm often going for challenges instead of using my best layout. (Mp40; .357 Magnum, Bandolier , Double Tap, Steady Aim/Mayterdom) Gamertag: HanzooznaH, GMT -5 Eastern Standard Time Other games i'm (somewhat) active on: Cod4, Brothers in Arms:HH, GTA IV, Rock Band 2. (I also have Halo 3 but imo it sucks, my favorite part to make fun of, not being able to aim down your sights in halo)