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Visit us @ Reapers of Mayhem

Straight from the front page:

Thanks for visiting our home on the internet.

[RoM] is a new CoD: World at War clan, however, its founders are not new to the gaming scene or the CoD franchise. In fact, we have played every Call of Duty installment extensively, even going back to 2015's highly acclaimed Medal of Honor series, which is considered an early Infinity Ward development. [RoM]'s first two members, Deathtrap and Omega, have been gaming online together for over 7 years now, and we believe this stability will lead to the overall success of the team.

We're a PC gaming clan looking to concentrate our efforts and energy towards Call of Duty: World at War. With CoD: Modern Warfare 2 on the horizon later this year, we fully expect to take a closer look at IW's new shooter, but the current focus of this team is to grow and prosper with World at War and its community.

The Reapers of Mayhem will also be a clan that has broad appeal to many different types of members. You will find a range of players in regards to age and skill. Gamers who want to compete at a very high level, and others who want to simply jump on the server, relax, and have a good time.

In essence, we're a team looking for new members who want to be a part of a clan and a growing community. We'll definitely have a niche for the hardcore gamer who wants to compete in scrims and ladders, but there will also be room for a few casual players who can't commit as much time to such endeavors.

At the moment there is a temporary 16 player TDM server, which will transition to a 30 slot server in a few weeks. Feel free, even if you are not interesting in becoming a member, to join us on Teamspeak while playing on our server. If you ARE interested in [RoM], there are several benefits in joining the team:

■ No server dues, you are free to play, however we will not turn down a donation!

■ No strict age requirements, though maturity is essential to the approval process.

■ No clan ranks.

■ Maintained website, functional forums, and server stats.

■ No demanding commitments (practices, meetings, etc.) Participation in clan activities will be voluntary, but involvement is always appreciated and helpful.

■ Select members will have the opportunity to arrange clan wars and gain some server admin privileges.

We're here to game, have fun, and kick a little ass now and then. Who knows, maybe you'll even make a real friend or two. It is our hope that you will have a good time and experience on our server, whether you're competing with us or against us.

[RoM] is primarily a Team Deathmatch clan, however, we will periodically run different rotations on our server to add variety and compete in games of CTF, S&D, and perhaps others.

Join us @:



Cheating will not be tolerated on game server.



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