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#1 9 years ago

[SCG] is a clan that focuses on the COD franchise of PC games. Currently we support COD5 and already have our Modern Warfare 2 server ready to go live upon game release!

We are also actively recruiting new members to the clan. We are currently operating a no dues membership. If you actively play COD5 and enjoy the company of like minded gamers, please stop by and see what [SCG] has to offer.

Our main server:

Slim City Gaming [SCG] :

IP: (rotating over 40 custom maps)

Server is set to hard core and runs the ACE 5.5 mod. All weapons and perks are available for use.We approve of and respect all gaming styles. Custom maps are hosted on our server almost exclusively. The server is also set to FULL METAL. With most modded servers you lose your rank and perks and are forced to re-earn them. Full Metal ranks you up to 65 within minutes of joining the server and maintains your custom classes and experience for future visits.

We have all our currently running custom maps available for bulk download! Preinstall them to eliminate in game download delays.

Ventrilo, we want to talk to you! Log on to our Ventrilo server and join the fun:


Slim City was formed to keep gaming fun and enjoyable. We want you to visit and take up residence! There's always room in Slim City for good people and good games.

SlimCityGaming Welcome To Awesomeness COD5 Server MW2 Server vent29.gameservers.com:5828 [SCG] Slim City Gaming