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#1 10 years ago

[COLOR=white]Hello all: [/COLOR] [COLOR=white]Scouts and Raiders (SnR) is a new tactical clan looking for players. We are experienced tactical players that wanted to try doing things on our own. We have one server running and will be putting a second members only server up this week. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=white]We are mostly mature players (yes we are old guys) that want to have a good time and experience tactical play. Many of us have participated in the TCC leagues and have been playing since MOH days. We are running a custom OW server mod.[/COLOR] [COLOR=white]We are running Teamspeak 3. The server is at: The password is: r3fug33[/COLOR] [COLOR=white]Our main server is at:[/COLOR] [COLOR=white]Our forums are at: [/COLOR][COLOR=white][/COLOR] [COLOR=white]Stop by and say hello.[/COLOR] [COLOR=white]Thanks,[/COLOR] [COLOR=white](SnR)-Skip-[/COLOR]