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Hello, my name -TL-Daedalus. I am the Recruiter for The Tactical Losers Clan. Unforntunaly we're not recruiting at the moment but I am taking this oppurtunity to invite all Players to come and play on our servers. Our website is at Welcome to Tactical Losers, there are links to our Forums and other interesting things. Currently we have about 35 members and our Clan leader is -TL-Crunch, our Co-Leader -TL-Skreba is currently serving our Country in Afghanistan. Just to let everyone know a little about us. We are a fun server first and formost, the word Tactical is applied loosely. We do have rules, we try to use them to level the playing field and to make sure every player has a great experience. We do want the repeat traffic as our 24 man COD4 server is in the 99 percentile and we want it to stay there! The COD WAW server is a new addition and we need traffic on it...so...come and enjoy! Currently we have 2 servers up and running, 1-COD4 server and 1-COD WAW server. I have listed the server information below; COD4- 24 man TDM 24/7HC 1st Team to 2500 wins 30 minute time limit COD WAW- 32 man Free-for-All server 24/7 HC 3000/Frag No score limits 15 minute time limit Please feel free to visit our Website and to browse through our Forums. Just about any questions you have about us can be answered there and if there are any that can't, My XFire name is xanarchyx. Add me to your Friends list and PM when you see me and I will do my best to answer any questions. Thanks!