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#1 7 years ago

hey there,i have a problem with cod 5 . I have the original game ofcourse (bought from uk) ,retail version without steam. And my problem is ,i dont have the other 3 zombie maps ... I have all the patches installed...,but i dont have the maps ... I tryed re-installing etc ...nothing seems to work ? So ,what might be the problem ? I didnt't see this problem in years ...havn't played waw like from the day it came'd it 2 weeks or so ..maxed out evrything etc ... and now i want to play with me mates on cod 5 zombies original zombie maps .. like shi-no-numa ... [ps:dont tell me to buy black ops and the last dlc ...i already have them both ,just im bored of it ...waw has the flame thrower and old guns :)]