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11th June 2009

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#1 11 years ago

First off, you cant be in two clans at the same time. so you have to pick one or the other. You cant be in more then one clan!

We do mostly TDM, and Dom but we can do any game mode. We are also recruiting US/UK players.

This is a MW2 and COD4 clan!

We are a laid back clan, we accept anybody. If you just started to play we'll make you better, if you already know how to play we'll make you even better. We are not to nice to campers, we all hate them. Our Clan has a mixed various of game styles, it goes from rushing, flanking, sniping, ghosting, etc. If you think you can handle this, and defeat the plague of campers. Reply here first! So I can know! And stay active here on the boards and the clan site. We are recruiting US and UK players.:)

Join Up Here!: *HTK Application

Dont just sign up and never come back again, sign up and post.:)

We got 3 mottos we go by: *HTK - Hard To Kill & Mess with the best, go down like the rest! & We are here to stay!

the clan is back from hell! welcoming every breed of player! we will not only dominate the competition, we will destroy anything that moves or doesnt! we are here to stand for what is right! we will bring peace! in the name of *HTK!