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#1 11 years ago

KGB Clan Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Clan Recruitment Letter begin:/

>>KGB Is the clan I am here to recruit members to. All members can join right now, because we do not have much planned, with no members.

We are players, gamers, and other things (Infamous things like glitchers and boosters). We have spots open for boosters, too, who wish to get some easy nukes or just rank up together. is the site you are going to register at.

What is KGB? A group of Russians that during the Cold War developed advanced weapons and technology during the fear of nuclear warfare. It is filled with intellectual and elite individuals and only took the best. We believe we can teach and train anyone who joins.

At least check it out if you dont have a clan, or contact "ShankNinja X" on XBL, [email][email protected][/email] (MSN) or [email][email protected][/email] (Email) All are fine.