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Rising Star Faction (Multi-Gaming Clan) 5076895eed45cbfm2312652.jpg Info: My clan, Rising Star Faction, is currently recruiting. Do you want a clan working clan? Do you want a active clan? Do you want a clan that will lead you to victory? Well Rising Star Faction is for you. We are actively recruiting players like you to join our rosters. Rising Star Faction is a fully structured clan that uses our own made ranking system. Now you may say, " This clan is all serious ", but you are wrong. We are all about having fun, and matching and winning at the same time. We also deeply encourage EVERYONE to sign up on our website even if you don't want to join us. we will really like to have close friends here and have fun together. We really hope that help us grow just by signing up and post on our forums that will be very appreciated. We believe a clan must work together to function properly, We don't want just a normal clan, we want a equal clan. This clan does not focused around a single leader so, many of our member really make big decision in Rising Star Faction. This makes us "different" in the eyes of many and we accept that. We want to make a clan that is everything that gamers want it be fun, wild, make friend, kick ass, and also equal. We want to impress you for a clan that have optimism, integrity, skill, and dedication. We want this clan to go forward slowly and recruiting only those who shared our exact same values (gaming), we want to built a clan that can dominate any gaming environment. After having spent so much time building this clan, it is now to take on the world. Our principles our very simple, we want Honor, Integrity, Skill, and of course the desire for total global domination in gaming lol. Clan Platform: - Xbox 360 - PC (Rarely Be Active) - PS3 (Coming Soon) Clans Based Location: - North America - United Kingdom - Australia Games: Section 8 Battlefield: Bad Company Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Call Of Duty 4 Call Of Duty MW2 Star Wars: The Old Republic and more coming soon. Requirements: - All Ages But, Mature based clan - No Hacking, No Glitching - Respect all members & leaders - Must be Active - All members must follow the clan Site Rules and Code of conduct. - Must have no regards to race, ethnic origin, religion, age or gender.   How To Join: If, you want to join our clan then go to website below to register and do a application. That’s It will easy so see you here and I hope you join us soon. Website: Rising Star Faction