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Thank you for taking your time to look at our advertisement. Spetsnaz Prophecy is a newly formed Australian Modern Warfare 2 Team. We have had a few non-official scrims and so far we are undefeated. The sP.| Team is run by the famous leader DeceptioN. who was leader of both Legendary & Impact.| Empire - The 4th Biggest Multi-Gaming Empires from 2005 - 2009 with over 10,000 members spread over 6 games - Ranked #30 in Australia on the Cyber Gamer Ladder.

I DeceptioN. have decided to come out of retirement and start up a new team in the worldwide favorite 'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2'. Myself and my fellow team mates want to make it back to the top again, but we don't just recruit anyone. If your interested in applying for the team, go to:

Spetsnaz Prophecy | Home - Home

Once you have applied for the team and if your application is approved, you will have a 1v1 Private trial with either me or one of my fellow Generals. If you pass all these tests, you will not just become a member of the team. You will have access to the private section to our forums, and to our Ventrilo server.

This is advertisement so please don't reply back on this. Either go to the site and make an account, or add me on steam @ deception345 and we can discuss your registration from there.

Kind Reguards, DeceptioN. Leader & Creator of Spetsnaz Prophecy