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#1 8 years ago

A gaming community of sorts, that is just picking up some steam. We recently cut ties with a community, where we ran a gamebattles team, and now thats the premise of our new community, The Harbinger. Its based off of The 4 Horsemen, and there are some biblical references here and there, but we're still a solid game battles team.We will be expanding to games such as Halo Series, and other sorts, but for the time being, we're focusing on MW2. Key Notes: 1. We are not a bunch of scrubs. We're low on numbers, atm, but we did take the team with us when we left (more like they left out of loyalty really) We function very well as a team, and have gone on very long win streaks in Hardcore Search and Destroy, Team Deathmtch, and Regular Search. 2. We do ask that people who are under 17, not apply. This is a mature community, and we've had younger members before. The word "Squeaker" comes to mind, quite frankly. I don't really make exceptions, unless its 16 going on 17, or something like that. 3. Heres a The thing is, it is a brand new forum, so if it looks bad, don't worry, we have a proffessional graphic designer, working on the site to spruce it up, and eventually we'll get the full server, and the harbingers domain. It will only get better. And alot of our members are being bad about not signing up on the forum, but we have somewhere around 20 atm. Just think, we've existed for about a week, and we have 20. Imagine how well we will be doing by the new year? Our hopes are high. You don't need to tryout, we just ask that you know how to shoot the gun before you show up >.> . Message me on XBL if your interested. GT = CJitsallGewd