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2yozns4.jpg Hello Guests, If you are reading this, it means that you are intreaged by this post or are interested in joining the Impact.| Gaming Empire - Australia's #1 Biggest Multi-Gaming Empire. We the council of the Impact.| Empire have decided to recruit more members and leaders for more divisions. We have 6 divisions currently and we are looking for 4 leaders for these following divisions. -Counter-Strike Source -Half-Life 2 Deathmatch -Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 -Battlefield: Cad Company 2. If you are interested in applying for either membership or leadership please contact myself 'DeceptioN.' on the site @ & don't worry it's not a shifty .tk site. If you are just looking for some assistance with your computer, technical problems or just want a community to hang with, Impact.| Empire is the place to be. We will be reciving 5 servers within 3 days and leaders will recieve level 1 administration on both server and site. If you are having difficulties getting on our site please e-mail myself at [EMAIL="[email protected]"][email protected][/EMAIL] If you want to be a member or play on our servers please fimilarise yourself with our rules. Server Rules ============ -The Impact Empire is A multi-cultural Empire.

-Remain friendly and civil at all times. Be helpful when possible. treat others the way you would like to be treated.

-If racism occurs it will be dealt with automatically. The Impact.| Gaming Council takes racism very seriously, and it can resolve to a permanent ban on our servers and forums or kicked from the Empire.

-Slanderous, swearing, use of slurs, defamatory, false, obscene, indecent, lewd, pornographic, abusive, insulting, threatening, harassing or obnoxious comments directed at both Impact.| and Guests are not appropriate in the Impact Empire Gaming Community.

-Any form of direct or indirect personal attack or harassment is prohibited.

-We provide a friendly environment for all players.

-Some of the finest leaders and people to help you if you need it.

-If you are accepted into the Empire. You must wear your clan tags at all times. This includes in game and in Steam name.

-Cheating, by hacking or any other means, to enable abilities or cheats that are not accessible in the standard game or any subsequent universal patch. Cheaters will not be tolerated.

-Throwing flash grenades to flash teammates on purpose.

-Microphone spamming or excessive microphone chatter while alive. This rule has and can cause confrontation, so anything classified as microphone spamming will be decided by the Impact.| Gaming Council.

-Ghosting/LANing/Screening by having someone who is dead telling a person who is alive where everyone is on the map. This gives that person a huge unfair advantage and will not be tolerated. Hope to see some new faces and happy gaming :) Kind Reguards, DeceptioN. Creator & Overlord of the Impact.| Empire Please note that this is advertisment and do not reply on this board because you will not be answered. Talk to us on our site or via my e-mail.