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xBlackwatchx ,

Well in short we are a xbox 360 based clan, founded on military structure for organization and ranking. Through teamwork and communication we achieve victory from public matches to crucial MLG tournaments and Gamebattles.

Now on to the specifics;

Blackwatch is split into squads, Each squad is generalized in a certain area of expertise. Now take for example Call of Duy Modern Warfare 2, you have many gametypes so we made a vast majority of squads. Some generalized in core where others are hardcore, Objective, TDM and many others. Squads are run by Squad Leaders and Squad Assistants, they will be helping new players become accustomed to strategies and keep record of ATS points.

By doing this we open up an atmosphere where players can utilize their skills in a certain gametype.

Right now our main games are;

Black Ops Halo Reach Mw2 BfBc2 We are strictly xbox 360 based at the moment.

We are founded in the united states, BUT we also have a S.A.F.E squad for international players.

The reason we need different time zone squads is because of practices.

I know, when people throw around the word practice gameplayers get a little weary of what they are getting into.

Practice is twice a weak with your individual squad. It will last an hour and if you would like to stay another hour you will receive extra ATS points.

Through these practices you will most likely practice strategies or partake in clan wide tournaments or Gamebattles.

ATS points are what founds our rankings. Upon joining blackwatch you will be activated as a PVT (Private First Class). through practices and winning tournaments you receive ATS points, when you reach a certain number of points you will receive a promotion.

Once you are promoted to a prominate rank you will be qualified to run a squad of your own.

Now this is just the tip of our amazing clan. The least you could do is come and look around a bit. All you have to do is register to the site and you will have access to our forums and our rosters.

xBlackwatchx ~ The Future OF Gameplay