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#1 8 years ago

Hey guys i'm the co-leader of the new clan XCalibur. We are a quickscoping (we use any guns we want though, we just typically focus on sniping and we do quickscoping cb's with other clans) on the PS3 playing MW2 and (soon) COD4. We will do CB's and and skims frequently and play online together a lot. We typically play Search and Destroy, Demolition, and Team Death Match. I will be getting a HD PVR soon so I will be posting videos for the clan on YouTube, If you are interested in trying out and have a capture card please let us know that would be a big help.

Requirements: 1. A mic (has 2 be a good one i don't mean expensive just one that we can clearly understand you with and doesn't have lots of static) 2. Have to be a team player and help with objectives (no camping and letting the team lose so you can have a high kd) 3. Have to be willing to make a new account 4. Have to come close to or beat the clan leader in a 1v1 to get in (no Steady Aim, Thermal, or silencer allowed Intervention only- NO THROWING KNIVES!!!) 5. Its not in any way required but if you have a capture card and can post videos on YouTube that would be a big help. If you are interested either message myself, XCalibur_Impulse (The L in impulse is a i) or the clan leader XCalibur_Fuddy on PSN