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9th December 2003

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#441 16 years ago

It right there on the official bf1942 site from EA :D : http://www.eagames.com/official/battlefield/1942/us/editorial/debug_download.jsp Let me move some post to the @ all mappers thread to clean this one a bit up. *does so


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29th July 2004

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#442 16 years ago

hmm, i tried using the sdk file packer and left it and it finished but no result, just formed an anonemous file. If i use ed42 to pack it it says i have to save the heightmap, where is that exactly?


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5th July 2006

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#443 14 years ago

Can't seem to find the Download link for the files?




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23rd April 2004

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#444 14 years ago

Which files are you looking for?