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4th November 2006

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#1 12 years ago

Company of Heroes is a beautiful game and at the Elite Killing Force we are striving to get involved and get known as a COH clan. Our inital goal is to finish over 80 pages of COH content, within our site, dedicated to this game. Our pages will include: -

* Details about every unit, buildings and structures * Real life History about each unit * Basic strategy guide * Advanced Strategy Guide * Detailed strategies for all the 16 maps * Links to other Company of Heroes sites * EKF member stats * Tips of the day * Some great screen shots! * More will be added over the next few weeks too!!!

Please make sure that you check us out when you can and should you have any thoughts, or should you wish to give us some links or content, then please go to our forums and post a new thread with your ideas.

Also, should you wish to play some games with us then please feel free to join us on our teamspeak server and we can have a game or two with you. After all we are a COH clan!

Thanks for taking the time to look at our site.