Can some one tell me where the vanilla files are located? -1 reply

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#1 8 years ago

The above question....

And please answer it. doesnt have to be with the location, if you don't know then say so, just don't ignore this post like a bad smell because I'm new.

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#2 8 years ago

Your new, i'm old, but i think the bad smell is the death of this forum... or is it just me? ;)

First, i should ask why you need the vanilla files? You should never edit them directly, but either start a mod and make the changes there, or if you want the changes in the original game for online play with others, create a .sga pack and add the path to the pack in the RelicCOH.module file. However, it's virtually impossible to edit your game to cheat online, as pretty much all edits to the Attribs will result in a sync error online. Plus, editing the original game will mean that you won't be able to apply any future patches without having to uninstall the entire game, reinstall it, and start re-patching it from the beginning.

All that said, the .sga archives that contain most of the original game files are in Company of Heroes\WW2\Archives\

But remember, i strongly advise against editing the original game files, but instead you should start a mod. There's nothing you can do in the original game files that you can't do in a mod... except running skinpacks for online play, but that doesn't require editing the original files either.