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"Europe In Ruins" is a fun and radical new take on the WW2 modding spectrum. Members convene on their site, customize their own military division, and challenge other players to battles in the game. Flex your military might!

--- News / Changelog: First Post Doctrines: Second Post

--- News v1.8 was just released. We've removed the munitions costs from the game and balanced them based on a number of uses and cooldowns. In addition, we added availability which limits the number of units in your purchase pool. We feel like these changes are going to change the game for the better.

Right now, we are in v1.8 testing phase which grants you unlimited CP so that we can test all the new doctrines in v1.8.


An article on Europe In Ruins is scheduled to appear in the next issue of the German-based PC Games magazine, street dated August 29th. It may also make future appearances in PC Action and possibly PC Games Hardware. The modification will also be included on a DVD with the magazine. I'd like to thank Mark Brehme of Computec for making this possible.


Check out the latest from the team. This is a battle organizer / launcher for Europe In Ruins that allows you to create and play battles. It works similar to any game lobby system where you are capable of both creating and joining games.


--- FAQ

What is Europe In Ruins? Europe In Ruins is a persistent war modification for Company of Heroes. Think World War 2 Online with a COH as the front-end used to play out the battles.

Are there any place to get help? We have both a website and game tutorial videos as well as a written guide. Written Guide Tutorial Videos

Where can I find more information? COH: Europe In Ruins

--- Change Log:

Last Update: 8/16/2007

Setup Download:

Modification Fixes v1.8.3 * Rechecked mines, they work. If they don't I have no idea. * Changed M8 Technology to Vehicle Technology (50% damage bonus to M8/Halftrack) * Decreased speed at which vehicles capture territory with mobility * Increased M8 popcap to 8. * Fixed SCAR error involving placing multiple Howitzers/88s at once. * Raised Axis Tank Armor Upgrades to 200MU. * Raised M8 Armor Upgrade to 110MU. * TAV base modified to 10000 MP, 1800 MU, 1200 FU on next resource run.

v1.8.2 * Fixed Allies/Axis mines.

v1.8.1 * IA 'Ferocity' effectiveness reduced. * Fixed multiple Axis doctrines that weren't working.

v1.8 * Decreased attacker VP advantage. * You can now retreat taken over weapons off-map. * Airborne AT recrewed can be re-airdropped if you are the Airborne doctrine. * All abilities have had their munitions costs removed. * Officer supervise ability fixed. * All new doctrines. * TAV system with availability. * Added 15s of 'For the Fatherland' type spawn protection.

v1.7.3 * New .DLL for reporting.

v1.7.2 * Fixed objective issue when you are about to win/lose by pushing the opponent off the map. * Adjusted battle report to keep players from missing out on their resources at midnight. * Removed some debug messages. * Modified reinforcement timer slightly to adjust for the Axis/Allies infantry pop differences.

v1.7.1 * Hotfix for SCAR error.

v1.7 * Infantry gain veterancy 20% slower. * Defenders VP amount decreased slightly. * Reinforcement timer modified to show 'potential reinforcement time'. * Territory requirement for VP mode. Must hold 10% of territory to stay in the battle. * Added artillery through-out defensive setup time for defenders too close to attacker entry points. * Various balance and doctrine changes.

v1.7-pre10 * Slowed infantry veterancy gain by 20%. * Many changes to battle processing.

v1.7-pre9 * Increased VPs slightly * Made defensive 'do not enter zone' near attackers entry points larger and artillery for being too close more accurate. * Various balance changes.

v1.7-pre8 * +6 Pop for Allies. * Seriously, Inspired Assault is no longer free.

v1.7-pre7 * Lowered vPs a little. * No longer charged for repairing vehicles after a battle.

v1.7-pre6 * New reinforcement timer system. * 30% reduced capture time for territory. * Various balance changes.

v1.7-pre5 * More statistical reporting.

v1.7-pre4 * Includes sending stats back to our server (kills/losses) * Changes rules to lower priority in attempt to stop sync errors.

v1.7-pre3 * Fixed bug in normal Europe In Ruins victory condition that was causing negative or extremely high pop-cap values. * Fixed bug when a player wins by annihilation that tells them they lost. * Triage Center now buildable. * Added some error checking to building scripts that should help avoid SCAR errors.

v1.7-pre2 * Fixed bug that wasn't allowing stats to be sent to the server.

v1.7-pre * Added match reporting to website. We'll be reviewing results to make sure they are matching on each battle. * Re-enabled EIR_Launcher.

v1.6e10c * Fixed Allied/Axis unlimited buildings bug.

v1.6e10b * VP Mode fixed. * Fixed problem where you couldn't call in additional reinforcements when you already had some pending arrival. * Lowered reinforcements timers significantly. * Fixed issue with Airborne where they couldn't call in additional population.

v1.6e10 * All new doctrine abilities for v1.7. 16 potential abilities per doctrine. * New game modes, IPMP (Europe In Ruins) is based on gaining pop-cap by holding territories. Europe In Ruins VP uses a familiar VP type game-style with the old pop-cap increase method. * All veterancy bonuses halfed to prevent super-elite units. * Optimized over 500 lines of code to make it faster and less prone to SCAR errors. * Other 'bonus' features.

v1.6c * EIR Launcher is much more improved. * vCOH 1.6 Changes * Doctrine abilities only available once your company arrives (FOR SURE THIS TIME!) * Reinforcing re-enabled, it's much more expensive and takes more time. * Fixed the way territory is captured. Report issues please. There were some problems in testing but I could never reproduce them consistently.

v1.6b * Doctrine abilities only available once your company arrives with exceptions (Raid) * Various cost/pop-cap changes. * Fixed fatal SCAR error. * Fixed Stuka upgrade doctrine ability. * Pop Cap starts at 30 increases to 55. It increases by 1 every 1.25 minutes.

v1.6 * Pop Cap starts at 30 increases to 55. It increases by 5 every 5 minutes. (Testing) * Vehicles and cloakable units no longer turn territory. * When setting up defense, if you get to close to an attackers spawn you get a warning. If you continue closer, the offending units are warped back to your offmap position. * Health on building decreased by 1/2. * Reinforcing removed. * Various cost/pop-cap changes. * Doctrines added. One is broken (Stuka upgrade one, it's free for now)...

v1.5a/b * Bug fixes

v1.5 * Added: Variable Max Pop Cap for uneven battles. For every player down, 10 extra Pop Cap is split among the other players. * Added: Custom Unit Veterancy * Changed: Increased the time it takes to turn an enemy territory to neutral. * Changed: Pop cap increases by 1 every 2 minutes from 25-55. * Changed: Game time set to 1 Hours. * Changed: Various costs changed. Tanks MP lowered significantly. * Changed: Platoon category icons made a bit smaller (thanks skgstrm). * Changed: New company resource values are now randomized. * Changed: Neutral objective changes so that each player must gain one sector every 3 minutes. Until they control 40% of the map. At that point they must continue to hold on to 40% of the map, if they fall below the required amount, they will have to 3 minutes to regain control of at least 40% of the map. * Changed: Attack/Defend objective requires the defender to hold a certain amount of territory. * Removed: Aide Station and Medic Station

v1.4 Added: Officer Supervise State Changed: Repair Rate Lowered Changed: Various Unit Costs/Pop Caps Changed: Minimum Platoon Cap 8, Max 40 Changed: Readjusted Mortar/HMG health Values Fixed: Various Bugs

v1.3a Fixed: Sync error, woops.

v1.3 Fixed: Swapped upgrades (Stuka/Flammenwafer, M8 Armour/MG) Fixed: Riflemen can now retreat offmap. Changed: Max pop cap on the field lowered to 40. Changed: Various cost/pop changes to squads. Changed: Officer now comes with artillery and route enemy by default. Changed: All buildable buildings health increased by 300%. Changed: Health of mortars and HMG's significantly reduced (affects weapons, not crews) Added: Officer can supervise stationary troops (mortar, hmg, nebel) and grant them a 20% increase in accuracy. Added: Axis tank upgrades, MG42 and Armour Skirts for Panther, PzIV, Stug, and Stuh. Added: 1 second delay between calling in platoons.

v1.2 Fixed: Rangers not spawning with bazookas.

v1.1 Fixed: Platoon groups 5 as Allies now usable, Platoon groups 4, 5, and 6 now usable as Axis. Fixed: Population is correctly computed when calling in reinforcements. Fixed: 88 needing resources.

v1.0 Initial. ---

Thanks for your support.


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Each doctrine is divided into 4 trees. Each tree has 4 abilities. Within a tree you must obtain all previous ability before you can obtain the next ability. The abilities within a tree are ranked from Tier 1 to Tier 4 where T4 abilities are the most powerful.

You may only select 1 T4 ability, 2 T3 abilities, and 3 T2 abilities. So you will only be able to fully select one tree within your doctrine.

If you select an ability and you wish to drop so you may do this at any time, however you would lose any CP you initially put into it.

Infantry (Infantry Division) Elite Infantry: (Ranger Battalion) 3CP - Rangers Lead the Way (Rangers available for purchase) 9CP - Battle Know-how (Rangers gain 10% range and sight range) 18CP - Allied Grit (Rangers gain 15% health) 24CP - Stacked (Rangers upgrades are 60% off) General Infantry: (Heavy Infantry Battalion) 3CP - Defensive Operations (Riflemen can build sandbags, tanktraps and barbwire) 8CP - Core Beliefs (You lose 50% less exp when losing) 16CP - Brothers in Arms (15% less MP cost for riflemen and rangers) 28CP – Tank Reapers (AT gun damage and penetration increased by 50%) Command Strength: (Rifle Battalion) 5CP - Offensive Operations (All deployment times cut in half) 9CP - Mass Production (25% less munitions cost on snipers, HMGs, AT guns and Mortars) 14CP - Enlistment Surge (10% less MP cost for all infantry) 28CP - Cohesion (Infantry gain 4x% health where x is the number of fielded infantry squads) Artillery Warfare: (Artillery Battalion) 3CP - On-Map Artillery (Howitzers available for purchase) 8CP - Artillery Fortification (Howitzers fire 50% more shots per second and have 15% less cooldown.) 17CP - Off-Map Artillery (Gains the ability, 2 uses, 5 min cooldown) 28CP - Artillery Expertise (Increases Off-map artillery uses to 3 and doubles the number of shots per second)

Airborne (Airborne Division) Air Infantry: (Paratrooper Battalion) 3CP - Eagles (Airborne available for purchase) 5CP - AT Eagles (RR available for purchase) 14CP - Drop Readiness (Airborne troops drop immediately) 26CP - Airborne Elite (Airborne start at vet 1, 15% more health, sight, and range, 50% less drift) Air Assault: (Pathfinder Battalion) 4CP - Raid Fortification (Airborne troops can build wire and sandbags) 8CP - Aerial Advantage (You can drop airborne platoons 30s into the game regardless of arrival times) 18CP - Raid (Pop cap increase of 6) 26CP - Raid Assault (Airborne gain 50% damage and health for the first minute after being dropped) Air Abundance: (Heavy Parachute Battalion) 4CP - Airborne AT (AB AT Gun available for purchase) 9CP - Supply Drop (Gains the ability - HMG, bazooka, and Mortar drop, 1 use) 14CP - Heavy Ordnance (Airborne troops start with grenades and satchels) 28CP –Aerial Brothers (Airborne squads cost 45% less MP) Air Support: (Airforce Battalion) 2CP - Recon Flight (Gains the ability, 2 uses, 1 min cooldown) 8CP - Strafing Run (Gains the ability, 1 use, 1 min cooldown) 18CP - Air Superiority (Triples uses of Recon Flight and Strafing Run) 27CP - Bombing Run (gains the ability, 3 uses, 1 min cooldown)

Armor (Armored Division) Maintenance: (Mechanized Combat Engineer Battalion) 2CP - Repair Specialization (Engineers repair 50% faster) 6CP - Field Repair (Gains the ability, 2 uses) 16CP - Fuel Efficiency (15% less fuel cost on all vehicles) 26CP - On-Board Mechanics (Vehicles are constantly being repaired) Production: (Heavy Tank Battalion) 4CP - Vehicle Factories (25% decrease in MP cost on all vehicles) 8CP - Tungsten Tipping (Penetration value of all vehicles increased by 20%) 19CP - Assault Tanks (Pershings available for purchase) 24CP - Next Generation vehicles (All vehicles have 50% faster turret rotation rates, 20% less reload time) Logistics: (Armored Artillery Battalion) 5CP - Mechanized Columns (Platoons with a vehicle [other than a jeep] arrive in battle 30% sooner - 50% if the platoon is all-vehicle) 6CP - Artillery Support (Calliopes available for purchase) 12CP - Vehicle Technology (M8s and Halftracks deal 50% more damage) 24CP - Dual Rocket Racks (Calliope cooldown decreased by 50%) Leadership: (Armored Recon Battalion) 4CP - Mobility (M8s and Halftracks can capture territory) 6CP - Scouting (Jeeps have 10% increase sight and 50% increased stealth detection range) 14CP - Tank Command (Every tank that is on the field increases your popcap by 3) 32CP - Superior Command (Pop Cap increased by 30%)


Defense (Infanterie Division) Intelligence: (Jaeger Battailion) 3CP - Advanced Warning (All units gain 5% sight range) 6CP - Millitary Intelligence (Reveals a large portion of the map for 5 seconds, 4 uses, 1 min cooldown) 15CP - Scopes (Volks, Grens and KCH gain 20% range) 22CP - Omniscience (All units gain 50% sight range and double stealth detection - replaces Advance Warning) Bombardment: (Raketenartillerie Battalion) 3CP - Flak AT/AA (88mms available for purchase) 7CP - Walking Stuka (walking stuka upgrade available) 14CP - Large Rockets (50% increase damage on the stuka and nebelwerfer) 24CP - Rocket Artillery (gains the ability, 3 uses, 1 min cooldown) Tenacity: (Grenadier Battalion) 4CP - Superior Soldiers (All units gain experience 20% faster) 8CP - Extra Training (All units purchased are upgraded to vet 1) 17CP - Elite Soldiers (All units gain experience 80% faster - replaces Superior Soldiers) 32CP - Tenacious Faith (Volks and grenadiers cost 45% less MP) The Fatherland: (Festungs Battalion) 3CP - Officer Training (officer available for purchase) 5CP - Fatherland Fortification (When defending, all attackers receive 1 more minutes of deployment time - stacks) 16CP - For the Fatherland (gains the ability, unlimited uses, 10min cooldown) 25CP - Fatherland Defense (All units gain 10% hp - 30% when defending)

Blitzkrieg (Panzer Division) Infantry Assault: (Panzergrenadier Battalion) 3CP - Code Loyalty (All infantry 10% more resistant to suppression - 15% when attacking) 8CP - Sturm Training (Sturmtruppen available for purchase) 16CP - Battle Hardened (All infantry have -12% incoming accuracy - -18% when attacking) 22CP - Weapon Surplus (mp40s, mp44s, and lmgs are all half price) Armored Assault: (Schweres Panzer Battalion) 2CP - Mobile Howitzer (Stuh available for purchase) 7CP - Improved Barrels (All tanks gain 8% range - 12% when attacking) 19CP - Assault Tanks (Tiger available for purchase) 26CP - HEAT rounds (All tanks do 30% more damage) Blitz Tactics: (Sturm Battalion) 7CP - Assault (gains the ability, 1 use per squad) 9CP - Blitzkrieg (Gains the ability, 1 use) 12CP - Territorial Blitzkrieg (Territory caps 3x as fast) 24CP - Conviction (Doubles the uses and duration of Blitzkrieg and removes the negative attributes) Blitz Core: (Leichtes Panzer Battalion) 4CP - Overpower (Decreased deployment time for team by 60, 35, 25, 20s) 8CP - Overwhelm (Triples the potency of Overpower) 15CP - Joint Operations (Pop cap increased for team by 15%, 8%, 6%, 5%) 27CP - Lightning War (All reinforcements arrive immediately and vehicles move 25% faster)

Terror (Waffenschutz Division) Inspiration: (Waffen Grenadier Battalion) 3CP - Inspired Assault (gains the ability, unlimited uses, 20 minute cooldown) 6CP - Zeal (gains the ability) 18CP - Firestorm (gains the ability, 2 uses, 1 min cooldown) 22CP - Ferocity (Inspired Assault has increased potency, has half the negative effects, and cooldown is 5 minutes) Ordnance: (Waffen Panzergrenadier Battalion) 4CP - First Aid (Medikits are 50% more potent) 7CP - Basic Supplies (Mines, Medikits and Grenades have 1 extra use each) 14CP - Advanced Munitions (HMGs and Mortars do 20% more damage and suppression) 24CP - Heavy Support (HMGs, Mortars, Snipers, and AT guns have 50% more hp and 25% more range) Disruption: (Waffen Kommando Battalion) 5CP - Propaganda (gains the ability, 2 uses) 6CP - Sabotage (one random platoon - except the largest - from the opposition becomes undeployable) 16CP - V1 (Gains the ability, 1 use) 29CP - Subversion (All enemy platoons except the first take 100%, 50%, 33%, 25% longer to deploy, Propaganda uses increased to 4, Sabotage increased to 3 platoons) Strength: (Waffen Panzer Battalion) 4CP - Intensity (All units cause 20% more suppression) 8CP - German Will (All infantry cost 10% less MP) 23CP - Assault Tanks (Tiger ace available for purchase) 35CP - German Steel (All tanks gain 35% health)