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19th April 2006

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#1 14 years ago

"Into the Frontline" is a mod for Company of Heroes. It will make the game extremely realistic, and eliminate unit spamming.

The main focus will be on infantry tactics and will be Singleplayer for the first releases. Multiplayer is still a WIP. I still have a unorganized idea list, and i dont wanna list them. Primarly because i dont want to let anyone down for certain features, and say more than i can deliver. After the mod tools are released i will have a better list of possible ideas.

For now, here are my MAIN ideas ********************************************************** Scenarios I will be making various scenarios that will have realistic situations and layouts. These will make up the SP portion. Which dont be much of a storyline, as a "pick a mission" gametype. Example of a Possible Scenario. You have 1st Platoon from the 506th PIR, Dog Company. 1st Platoon's mission is to take out a Flak 88 battery located near a town so that Aircraft can drop supplies to the beaten and battered Fox Company. 2 German Grenadier Zugs (platoons) are defending it with Halftracks and Various Mg42 emplacments.

It seems simple enough, but in my mod the gameplay and unit management is scaled down, big time. Each squad will have the proper loadout, with each weapon having realistic damge and accuracy stats. Each Squad will also have its various fireteams. This example will apply to most units, german and American.

For example, on paper the make up of a Parachute Squad is

  • ---------------------------------------------
  • Squad Leader--------------M1 Garand Rifle or Thompson SMG
  • Assistant Leader-----------M1 Garand Rifle
  • Rifleman (7)---------------M1 Garand Rifles and M1 Carbines
  • Machine Gunner-----------M1919A4/6
  • Assistant Gunner----------M1 Carbine
  • Ammunition bearer---------M1 Garand Rifle
  • ---------------------------------------------

The squad will be divided into different Fireteams

The Squad Leader and Assistant Leader will act as the leader group, with different, abilities. Such as, if avaliable, Artillery, and differnet morale abilities. Also if its possible you will have to use the Squad Leader to give orders to the other two fireteams. You will click on the Squad Leader and click on which fireteam you want to control, then you control the fireteam as a regular unit. Not sure if it will work.

The Gun Group, will be made of the Machine Gunner, Assistant Gunner, and either the Ammunition Bearer or a Rifleman. This will be a base of fire to allow the Assualt Group to attack the position.

The Rifle Group will be the main attacking unit and will conduct all the assualts. Again, if its possible, i will make this group able to split up to increase spacing and be more tactic friendly.

All units will HOPEFULLY have a abliity to go crouch or prone on command. And each unit will have a hold fire ablity to increase tactics.

Thats it for now. Check back for updates.


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8th October 2006

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#2 14 years ago

OO I want you to make it.. Please