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15th February 2008

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#1 11 years ago

Name : Desert Disaster Version : 1.0 Owner : Icespeed Map Settings : 1v1 Skirmish Scar : Yes quite alot actually. Objective Currently the town of Ashka is under your control. The US Forces are moving towards your postion to take the town. They've been given orders to fight till death, they will do anything to take the town back. You have only a few minutes to build your defenses, and then build your army. Do not let them take the town and gather the vital intelligence. Scar Code Included

  1. When you 'Start' you will be given 10 minutes before the attack
  2. Constant reinforcements Troops, tanks, planes.
  3. One Objective, protect the town of Ashka

This map is currently in development and I do need to know if you would like it. I'm also sorry about my old map, but this map will be released.