I really think we need to increase the realisticality of the game. -1 reply

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16th September 2006

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#11 13 years ago

Fuck that. This game should be more like Blitzkrieg. Godlike graphics, a DECENT AI (Still retarded over barbed wire etc. Skirmish AI Mod FTW), and generally badassed capture-point-style gameplay - Yeah, make it realistic, and it will be the best RTS ever. Supply trucks, ammunition count, you name it. ...And please, the invincible AT gun thing is retarded.


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#12 13 years ago

and another thinkg about the retarded AI... MAKE THEM STOP EXPLOITING TIHNGS!!! OMFG! :mad::mad::mad: every time you go to shoot one of their squads, they quick hide in a building and just as you start to fire on the building they exit the building and as soon as you start firing at them in the open they go bac into the building and so on. it pisses me off! what n00bs. that's just like playing FEAR or Call of Duty and all of the enemy soldiers are hoppers. anyone agree?

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