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#1 11 years ago

Never posted here before. I love CoH, and I think the KMoD is pretty damned good - except for one thing. Forgive me if this has come up before, but the issue of snipers raises its ugly head. US snipers to be precise. Sticking snipers into a squad is stupid, ahistorical, and game-unbalancing. Yes, in WW2 snipers were attached to companies, but they worked separately - as they do today - with their spotter. As it stands the KMod is immense fun if you're the US, but it sucks a dead man's bollocks if you're the axis and you want to lean towards infantry. Just lately, I moved a ten man fallschirmjager squad to contact with a half assault squad (US) and lost seven men before I even got close. All by sniper fire. That's stupid. As is having a pinned squad take out the MG that's pinning them by sniper fire. Like I said, great mod, but the sniper snafu ruins it. I'd be interested to hear what other folks say. Me, I'm just a lowly lieutenant in the real world, and let me tell you, snipers in the real man's army are as rare as rocking horse shit.

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#2 11 years ago

I play the Kmod oh so much as the Allies, but I don't really see the Sniper squads much of a use. I'll give some reasons. 1) Those damned 88's just keep blowing them all to hell. 2) They always get overwhelmed by masses of troops. 3) Other snipers. 4) 5) Artillery. 6)Kamakaze Shermans with Crab Mine Flails... Woah. This is just to name a few. Oh, and most of the time I go for Vehicle Commander because vehicles are extremely useful in my strategies, so I can't counter with artillery.