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#1 11 years ago

I enjoy this game very much but we all have our 2 cents to drop on how to improve it. My question is when will the mod makers incorporate a true to life targeting distance for units? For instance the line of sight for a machine gun unit or an at gun should cover at least half a large map if true to scale (not counting obstructions to los). but instead they cover about 50 m or so. can we change this to a more realistic targeting distance capabiility ... thank you mod makers E


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#2 11 years ago

yes you can change LOS and Range and Accuracy at those ranges. For range, accuracy and damage you have to edit the Attrib>Attrib>Weapons files and for LOS you have to edit the EBPS>Races>[Team]>[Unit_Type]>[Unit] and when selected look for Sight_Ext and within this edit the Sight_Package>Outer_Radius (most units are set to 35).