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#1 12 years ago

I have made a huge map, its big, 33 MB the biggest size you can make. Its pretty damn fine to be honest. I have tested infrequently as i have been making it to make sure it runs ok, which it did. Now however its crashes :mad: If anyone is pretty handy at sorting these problems out opr can think of any possible reasons for the crashing please please please post suggestions or if they think they can fix it i can upload it so people can download it and have a fiddle with it in world builder. Here are a few screenies to give you an idea of the size of it and amount of detail, it could be its just too big, it takes a while to load but it did run fine i think its just something simple, i have put alot of hours into this fella and i would really appreciate any help or suggestions :uhm: tankmap6ca7.jpgtankmap7qw5.jpg tankmap2yv6.jpg tankmap1ak0.jpg


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#2 12 years ago

One reason why it may be crashing may be the amount of TILES that you use. I have heard of developers having crashing issues because they used to many TILES. Most devs try to stay around 3 TILES for the entire map and it seems to work with out any problems. I have also seen other maps with almost 10 differnt TILES used and the map played pretty good. So it may also be the amount that each TILE used.

Another reason could be single player objects used in a skrimish map. I have seen maps cause errors because the dev used a certain object that was designed for campains. Other then that I really couldn't give any more info with out having the actual file to look at. Good luck.


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#3 12 years ago

:) cheers m8, i had used the shore batteries and the gas thing, i deleted them, i have used loads of walls off the SP maybe they conflict i will try replacing them. I also have a reinforcment entry point inside a SP building, it has worked previously on tests but u never know.