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#1 12 years ago

Dear fellow gamers, I'm a 46 year old full time employed automotive's machinist, I also build and play electronic drums in a part time band, and what time I have and money, I enjoy building and playing highend gammer pc's. So with that said, I have little time to play this great game but when I do I have all kinds of ideas for maps, and no clue yet how to get one built by my self. I know how to get the "World builder" going. From there on all I find are basic photos and stills of what the screens should look like. A few sights ago "CoH" someone said there are some video tutorials around at this website. I've looked and it's going on an hour with no luck finding an easy to understand "how to" map making and saving guide. Lets face it, when I was in highschool, "PC" meant pocket calculator, and we werent aloud to have them in my school cause it was considerd lazy for the brain. LOL who knew. Any help or direction to help would be greatly appriciated. I had close friends and reletives in the Normandy landings/Pacific war too, and the stories they told me have stayed in my head for decades. Happy vetrans day all buzbom1....out


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#2 12 years ago

Maybe you should have a look at this forum:

RelicNews Forums - HowTo: WorldBuilder: Starting Out


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#3 12 years ago

Hey "ab2531" Will give it a try.