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25th February 2007

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#1 13 years ago

Hello everybody,

Ive made a new mod called LAN mod (it was originally made for a LAN party that explains the name)

The mod goes for improved realism. Tanks can destroy other tanks at great ranges (about 200 m) The allies got better tanks...if you look at armory. (M4A3 Firefly, Easy Eight)but these tanks can be destroyed in one shot by like say a Panther or a Tiger. The main squads of the sides are volksgrenadiers and rifleman. Rifleman are better then volksgrenadiers but normal grenadiers are better then Rifleman. Paratroopers,Rifleman, Volksgrenadiers are 12 men squads. SS Stormtroopers, Assault Team, Grenadiers are 9 men squad. Stormtroopers, Rangers are 5 men squads. Pioneers and Engineers both 3 men squads I also changed the veterancy for the Axis soldiers. Now they need just as much experience as the Allied soldiers. List of new units: Allies: M4A3 ''Firefly'' (New skin is coming!) M4A3E8 ''Easy Eight'' M4 105mm Howitzer M4A3 Tank Dozer M4A3 ''Crab'' M16 Quad Halftrack Assault Team Bazooka Team

Axis: FLAK 38 Quad 20mm (not really new but build able) SS Stormtroopers Panzerschreck Team

Further changes: All units that normally would have upgrades (Puma 50mm) are now individual units. So no more field upgrading because that isn't really realistic. Barrage of the Allies (Howitzer) are more powerful and have more shots in a barrage but are more vulnerable. And one big disadvantage is that they cannot shoot anymore in the Fog of War to compensate their increase of damage, rounds and range. Axis units are more powerful but the Allied are cheaper. A Panzer IV cost 55 fuel 350 manpower and 55 ammo. A Sherman cost 30 fuel 370 manpower and 30 ammo. But the Panzer IV has got bigger range and a better gun. The main tactic for the Allies is to overwhelm them with tanks (and it helps when you flank them).

You can download the mod here: MonkeySoldier Profile, MonkeySoldier Details -

Ive had allot of help because this is my first mod that's why the list of credits is so long :P Thank you guys.

This is my mod I hope you guys like it. If there are any bugs or you got some ideas to improve it or whats or ever please leave a message behind, send me a private message or mail me at: [email][/email]

Thank you