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#1 12 years ago

okay, i want my fallschirmjager's to paradrop like the american airborne. looked at this tutorial: RelicNews Forums - How To: make falshirmjagers reinforce via paradrop but it seems like they'll be restricted to dropping next to hq or something like that. i want them to drop where i want. anybody know a mod with just that, and nothing else? or a tutorial like his that i can use to getthat result? i only just started messing with corsix's mod studio, but have figured some stuff out in it. even if it's just a good tutorial to go by, i should be able to get it. or am i stuck with just trying the one i linked to?


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#2 12 years ago

to get them to do that i imagine that you would need to give that german squad the same reinforcement animation as them. if you r using corsix's, it should be under the reinforcement bracket. but i'm not entirely sure.