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27th March 2007

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#1 11 years ago

when i play my mod (Africa Korps) or any othe OF mod the people dont speek does any one know why this is? :sleep: :KTA:


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#2 11 years ago

I recently tried to put different uniform skins into Opposing Fronts, I eventually got these to work, however when I did there was no speech for the British or Panzer Elite. In the end I just dumped the art file containing the uniforms into my COH WW2/Data Dir. Then when I used Corsix mod studio I told it to load the RELICCOH module instead of my mod, ran in it in dev mode, and it finally worked. I don't know why it works! Hope this is of relevance to you!

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26th August 2007

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#3 11 years ago

IS it all factions or just the OF factions? This has been known about almost as long as OF has been around. It's a small glitch in the .module file, since Corsix's Mod Tools were made for vCoH and not OF, it doesn't know of the speech file name changes. To fix it open up your .module file, go down till you see this section; [data:english:04] folder = WW2\DataSoundEnglish archive.01 = WW2\Archives\WW2SoundSpeechEnglish archive.02 = WW2\Archives\WW2AlliesSpeechEnglish archive.03 = WW2\Archives\WW2AxisSpeechEnglish archive.04 = WW2\Archives\WW2SoundNISEnglish archive.05 = WW2\Archives\OFCoreSpeechEnglish archive.06 = WW2\Archives\OFCoreSpeechEnglish as you can see, there's no reference to WW2\Archives\OFFullSpeechEnglish, where the voices are stored for OF. So, to fix it just change (in notepad) archive.06 to WW2\Archives\OFFullSpeechEnglish in the english language and now it works.