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19th September 2008

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#1 12 years ago

I've allowed duece and a half trucks to be built in the motorpool. These can carry 4 squads or 12 entities. They come with their own driver. It works great, well, almost. There are two versions of the truck, one covered and the other open topped with crates and barrels in it. I've allowed either type to be built. However, if I build a covered truck it doesn't always come out of the motorpool covered. Sometime I get one version and sometime another. There does not seem to be a pattern either. Does anyone have an idea why the spawner is selected a truck different from the one I'm building.

Note: There only seems to be one skin for either type, and it shows both the covering and the crates and barrels. How does the program decide which part of the skin to use?

I want these trucks for squad transport, so the covered version would be best as the soldiers would not show.

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26th August 2007

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#2 12 years ago

It's the same truck, it just uses a role variation, the same as the different versions of the Shermans or the Churchills. Let me look it up and i'll be back with your solution.