skinpack v5.1hotfix bmw r75 crew a little too fabulous -1 reply

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#1 11 years ago

hey whats up fellas great forum.anyway.need some help please i downloaded realistic skinpack v5 and v5.1hotfix i still have chipset instead of video card [i know i know. i just havent had the upgrade cash] so skinpack 6.0 too big. too many new units i think anyway 5.1hotfix runs fine and eveything looks great except for one thing.the driver and machine gunner of the german bmw motorcycle and side car have hot pink faces hands and some web gear, canteens, etc. the bike and sidecar are fine. how can i fix this are the bike and crew separate skins? i think they are, does anyone know of different crew skin? could i copy original crew off coh disk and reinstall those over skinpack with skininstaller? how can this be done? clueless.all i know is that my nazi motorcycle went from looking menacing to looking like something out of the gay pride parade and this will not please anyone :confused:thank you

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#2 11 years ago

There's Nazi's in CoH? When did that happen? Seriously, must be the skinpack, cus i've never seen Nazis ingame. Yes, The R75 and the crew are seperate skins, I don't know if the skinpack changed much around or simply reskinned the units, but the Driver should use the Same skin as the volksgrenadier, only with a helmet instead of a cap. You'll have to download the Corsix Mod Studio (google it), which is the main mod tools, so you can learn how the skinpack is set up so you can change the skins. I'd recommend you mosey on over to the RelicNews forums, where theres a lot of skin packs going on, probably some which are better than the one your currently using. Company of Heroes – RelicNews Forums