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#1 8 years ago

Hello everyone, hope you are doing great.

The reason that brought me here today is quite simple. Some time ago I grew tired of the basic stuff of the CoH games and decided to try some new mods and maps. Everything was going smoothly, i could play the maps i downloaded (some had some bugs but in general everything went well) but i'm having an hard time playing mods.

I read and read about how to make them work, so i added the extension '-modname "name of the mod" -dev' to the shortcut. (the writting might not be really correct, but i'm writting by memory, in the shortcut it is according to what i read). But nevertheless the mods don't work.

I tried the Blitzkrieg Mod (i found it really cool) and some others, followed all the instructions but nothing had happened, i came up with some theories:

- I never read anywhere that those mods were compatible with Tales of Valor

- I'm playing Steam's version of CoH (which apparently installs the game in a different directory of those of THQ

I can't really figure out the reason, could anyway spare a few minutes and try to help me please?


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#2 8 years ago

I would blame steam, from what i can see from your description your process should work on a regular tales of valor game. I would help more but alas, i dont have a steam version installed to experiement with. Hopefully someone will post how knows if steam if a definate problem or not.

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#3 8 years ago

Well if your game is from Steam, it should be kept updated at the latest version, right? That'll be v2.601. Your first mistake is that you used -modname, since the v2.4 patch, Relic changed it to -mod. I don't know why, to throw us modders off, for shits 'n' giggles, lazyness, they probably don't even know why). Anyway, does the mods you've tried have autoinstallers or are they installed manually? If their done with an autoinstaller, do you get to select the directory? Best make sure it's installled to the right location. There's a thread over that the RelicNews forums that explains how to install mods for Steam versions, if you have further problems, best to head over there and search for it. I think it's in the How To section of the Armoury. Company of Heroes Remember, mods are made to a specific game version, you'll find mods made for older game versions won't work on a newer version of the game, and vice versa.