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1st December 2004

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#1 10 years ago

So, I've been playing the Weapons Authentication Mod, and the Commando Mod, and generally I'm pleased with both while playing German.

While playing American, however ... it's pretty much impossible in either.

I would love to be able to modify just two things in each mod:

1. The American Engineers, who get absolutely massacred by ... well, everything. Especially the W.A.M German Pioniers - I can usually send a single two-man German Engineer team up against six American engineers at close range, and feel confident they'll win. I'd kind of like to be able to upgrade the Thompson, making it a bit more effective.

2. Everything American costs an absurd amount of fuel. I'd just like to tone down how much fuel everything costs - especially the Sherman and the MG nest (which should cost Manpower and Ammo, not Fuel).

Is there any way to do these things using the Corsix editor?

EDIT: Would also be kind of nice to make the Jeep's MG more accurate and effective - in both mods and in vanilla, the Jeep is essentially useless as anything more than German target practice.