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#1 6 years ago

I have made my first map using the worldbuilder:) and cannot seem to get the map to load, I see it in my game skirmish/single player, but it will not load and I'm not exactly sure how I got it in their in the first place, lol.:lulz: I saved the map in my documents / my games / COH / ww2 / data / scenarios / sp for single player. I do notice that their is no loading file in the map info, but not sure if that is the problem. The map is in the game listing when choosing what map you want to play but it will not load. Can anyone help please, I love downloading maps and I understand the whole sga/sgb thing and zip files and the like (except for those rar files, can't seem to get those to play) but I really want to create my own maps now and play them and I am not even gonna try to figure out how to upload my maps to the community until I can resolve this.:rofl:

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#2 6 years ago

Hi and welcome to the forums. I have moved this to the correct section so it should get someones attention quicker. Again welcome and enjoy your time here.