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10th March 2009

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#1 12 years ago

OK - after two days of total bulls**t, I got OF up and running. That was the most counter-intuitive clusterf**k of production that I've ever had to go through installing a game. And that new 2.5 patch drove me up the wall. I have also found that all the custom sga maps that didn't work as of 3/31/09 after the 2.4 patch DO work now that OF is installed, BUT it's now necessary to move from the Maps folder in the main CoH directory to the My Documents\My Games... location ( if you've been using CoHLauncher.). CoHLauncher will start the game and still list the maps that are installed in the Maps folder, but they won't show on the map lists in the game. Oh Well. haven't even had time to try and screw with the dev mode. Bludingutz :beer: