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#1 13 years ago

I played Company of Heroes for months upon months into the release, and I was overjoyed. Having played classic RTS games concerning WWII, like Commandos, Blitzkrieg and lots of others, I finally decided to place CoH on my Hall of Fame WWII RTS game genres as no. 1. Of course I was more than looking forward to the expansion. And stupid as I was I had high (way high) expectations on it as well, seeing it as CoH was such a bulls-eye game. The tension, action, destruction, chaos... I waited for it all reborn. However when I tried out the expansion for the first time I was immediately dissapointed. The only reason that I play OF at all is the multiplayer part, really. I've always thought that the single player campaigns are very important to give a spirit-boosting (and somewhat insight in how it all works xD) state of mind. I didn't like the german and british campaigns one bit. Until some serious fixes has been made, or another expansion is released I'll replay the original CoH campaign. The best thing would be a CoH 2, but I guess that'll be some years until that happens :D Otherwise I loved the game, from the start to the end. As mentioned above; especially the multiplayer part. That's all for me... for now. Game on!