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#1 13 years ago

I am stuck on the airport map I clear out the hangers with one squad and attack the control tower with another I have troops in the hangers when I cap the control point at the control tower. But then nothing happens! I have searched all over the map for anymore axis AI and I can not find any! Yet the green markers over the hangers still remain. And I cant continue. My game is patched up to 2.103. :confused: Win xp SP2 AMD Opteron 2.21ghz 2GB ram 500GB HDD 612MB 8800 Evga video card

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#2 13 years ago

Yeah common issue, and everyone is pretty sure it is a bug in the map that it sometimes happens. Restart the level again, and depending if you dropped commandoes into the airport in the previous level and rescued them in the one after (which might have something to do with it), you might have to redo both of the airport levels. Sorry. :( the one time i played through i never had a problem, but with so many people having this problem i think it's time i had another shot, especially since i've played through the PE campaign a number of times.