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#1 11 years ago

Hey guys , im having some problems with mods , Ive installed the vanila CoH and wanted to play it with some mods , but when ever i install a mod and run it , it just runs a vanilla CoH i tryed it with 3-4 Other mods..I dont know whats wrong , i got it pathced up to 1.40 and still same problem...MaBy its the shortcut , but the shortcuts are correct and you get them when you install the mod so i dont think that can be a problem. Please help, Cheers

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#2 11 years ago

Wow, your running v1.4? That's your problem. Mods usually only run on the same version their made on, or at least a version very close to what they were made on. Unless you trawl the internet for very old mods, your going to have to update your game before any will work. If when you try to run the mods with the shortcuts supplied with them, then i'm guessing the mods are made for v2.4 or later. The latest patch is v2.6, but beware the v2.0 and v2.5 patches are huge! Around 1.5Gb each to be precise. If you want to avoid downlaoding those, you can buy some of the expansions, Opposing Fronts will update your game to v2.0, and Tales of Valor will update your game to v2.5. You don't need to buy both, ToV will update everything, and you'll have all 4 factions for multiplayer, but you won't have the singleplayer campaigns from OF. Likewise if you don't buy any expansions and just download the patches, you won't get any of the content from OF or ToV, but you'll be able to fight against the British and PE factions, as well as the ToV bonus units when in multiplayer. Most mods that are still in development are updated to work with v2.6, otherwise most older dead mods around like the famed Battle of the Bulge mod are for v2.301. I'm guessing you don't play multiplayer since your only at v1.4, so you'll have to choose what mods you'll enjoy the most, and update to that version. Keep in mind, once you update past v2.0, CoH gets a lot of new anti-piracy software, as well as when you start the game, it'll ask you to login to an online account where your CD-keys will be registered (only if RelicCOH.exe can access the internet). If it can't access the internet for whatever reason, you'll be required to play the game with a genuine copy of the game in the DVD drive, it won't accept image files.