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#1 12 years ago


I have a problem with my DVD-Drive. I've just bought the game "CoH", and my drive will not recognize the disc. I've tried to upgrade the firmware of the drive. No succes. This is my drive


I've had the same problem with "Day of Defeat". So I never played that game. PLEASE DONT SPAM THIS THREAD. If you have similar problems. Please give you cd specs, so we can find GOOD solutions, not maybe possible solutions.

Thank you!:beer:

(i play BF2 and 2142 with no problems)


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1st December 2006

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#2 12 years ago

My dvd drive wont recognize any disc unless it is a writable or a dvd. For all my games I have to play them in my CD-ROM drive. My comp is from 2003 so alot has probably changed but thats what I noticed.


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11th December 2006

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#3 11 years ago

I recently had to reformat my home pc and now my dvd and cd drive won't read the disk. It used to read the disk before the format. They are also Lite-On drives, DVD SOHW and CD LTN. I am searching for a solution to this problem and will post it if I find one.